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Generic Name:Ketoconazole
Top Cream
Therapeutic Classification: Synthetic Antifungal
Effect Mechanism:

Inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis and destruction of fungal cell wall and alteration in its permeability and consequently lack of essential intracellular elements for fungal growth.

Indications :

Treatment of Trichophyton and Epidermophyton Flucosomes, Tuberculosis of Athletes Due to Orbicular Pityrosporum, Candida Species Dermal Candidiasis, Prevention and Treatment of Cortical Dermatitis and Fungal Dermatitis, and Mycorrhizal Infection

Consumption during pregnancy and lactation:

This drug is classified as C category of pregnancy and there are insufficient studies on its secretion in breast milk, so consult your doctor before taking this medicine during pregnancy and lactation.

Common side effects :

Common side effects include itching, irritation or tenderness that didn't exist before. Rare side effects such as contact dermatitis

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