Kish Medipharm Pharmaceutical Co.

Kish Medipharm (KMP) is a pharmaceutical company established in kish free zone island/IRAN in 2002 with help of eminent individuals from diverse fields. The first phase of plant started working in 2003 with production of different pharmaceutical products like solution / shampoo and lotion. On second phase in 2006, new production lines had been erected to produce semi-solid dosage...

Health & Safety Policy

Kishmedipharm pharmaceutical Co.

management firmly believes that Health & Safety of its employees, who are an asset to the company, are of utmost importance. Safety is an essential & integral part of each activity at kishmedipharm Pharmaceutical Co. Therefore, all work shall not be  carried out with utmost care,giving due consideration to Safety which shall not be compromised under any circumstances. Accidents & risk to health are preventable